Monday, May 9, 2011

Stuck On Huck Supporters Should Focus On Huckabee's Vision More Than His Decision

There seems to be a preoccupation of political speculation regarding Mike Huckabee's decision to run for president in 2012.  The forums, blogs, tweets and Facebook comments are lit up with worries and concerns that Huckabee may not have "fire in the belly" because he hasn't committed yet.  

At this point we think as a Huck supporter it's all or nothing - we have nothing to lose and everything to gain by supporting and encouraging him to run and sharing with supporters and others what his vision for America is.  

It's time to focus on Huckabee's vision - more than his decision. 

Even if he doesn't run for president again, his value and views - his policies and principles are what this nation needs.  He would continue to have a platform to influence the social, cultural and political framework of our country.  

So for now, if you are "Stuck On Huck" our suggestion is that we focus on what he stands for.  A good place to start is to read and share the principles he reflects in his latest best-selling book, "A Simple Government."  Learn even more at  

Personally we think he has to be somewhat vague now to avoid having his television contract with Fox News suspended.   Because of his Fox show and his multiple appearances on other Fox programs, he is asked more often about his decision to run than any other candidate.  This naturally puts an extra spotlight on his decision.   

Huckabee has to keep things general about his decision for now and not show too much enthusiasm quite yet.  He does have "fire in the belly" when it comes to the issues.  He is taking strong stances on policies everyday and had the strongest reaction to bin Laden's recent death compared to other GOP candidates. 

Each week he is still at Fox he appears on several shows including of course his own.  This may be worth millions of dollars each week in exposure.  If he ends up running, his approach now will be a very wise one.  Once he gets in the race, there should be no doubt that he will be focused and passionate and few will be talking about what he said the month before he decided.  

If you are a loyal Huckabee supporter let us ask - do you have "fire in the belly?"  Or do you spend a lot of time regurgitating theories and motives about his decision to run for president.  That can cause political indigestion!  

Now is the time to build up momentum for a potential presidential campaign.  Huck supporters need something positive to focus on - like the "Stuck On Huck Pledge Vote Rally & Tribute" to Mike Huckabee in Des Moines on June 4th.  Make the political pilgrimage to Iowa or sponsor a virtual house party - register at  Help us invite 10,000 friends at

Pledge your vote at  Send a message to Governor Huckabee at or  Submit a video supporting him at Call in or listen to our weekly radio show on Thursdays 9 p.m. CST at  Join the prayer team at  Learn the truth about the issues at  

Retweet the best positive Huckabee messages on Twitter at Support conservative principles and candidates at Huck Pac.  Become a Facebook fan of Mike Huckabee, Huck's Army, Huck Nation, Draft Huckabee 2012, and Stuck On Huck.  

Do what you can now to spread his "vision" to others.  And don't worry so much about his "decision".  That's probably something we should leave to Huckabee and heaven right now.

Written by brothers Dan & Dave Davidson,

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