Wednesday, May 11, 2011

QR Coding - Another Step In Sharing The Message - Promote

What is this strange graphic that looks like an unfinished game of "connect the dots?"  It's a QR code - short for "quick response."  It's a quick way to share a specific web link, web site or email address - all you need is a custom QR code and an app on your phone to scan the code. Magically the web link or email address is read and appears on your phone.

This QR code is specific for the website  If you have a QR scan app on your phone you can scan the graphic right from the computer screen.  I must say this is really cool.  I use the ATT QR scanner app on my iphone and love it - it quickly recognizes any QR code using the camera mode on the phone and the app is free!  It's also available for the Android and Blackberry.

Why am I blogging about QR codes?  Because it's another creative way to communicate and share a message with others.  QR codes have been the most popular in Asian countries and is now just starting to be used more in the US.  You will start seeing them more and more in the future.  Click here to learn more.

Stuck on Huck has created QR codes for some of the most popular and relevant websites and web links that share Mike Huckabee's vision for American.  Please go to to start using and sharing!

QR codes can be saved in a jpg image file format and shared digitally, but also can be part of a flyer, poster, postcard or business card etc.  Those who know how to scan them will easily recognize a QR code and be more likely to visit a web link or capture an email address contact.  So start thinking how you can integrate QR codes into websites, blogs, facebook posts and physical printing items.

You can easily create your own QR codes for free at  We are asking you to help promote the "Stuck On Huck Pledge Vote Rally & Tribute" on Saturday June 4th from 2-4 p.m. in Des Moines IA. The QR code is included above in this blog.  Here are other ways you can share it -

Share the web url in a blog or website -

Here is the embed code to use - <a href=""><img src="" /></a>

Download the code as a jpg file -

To share this on Facebook you can click "Like" or comment on the following facebook post on our Facebook fan page -

You can create your own Facebook post by first click on "Link" and them pasting the web url of the
QR code - - then write more in the share comment section to explain what the code is.

Let us know how you are using QR codes.  Please share any other ways you can see additional benefits of QR coding.

Written by Dan Davidson, co-founder of and

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