Thursday, April 14, 2011

Des Moines Register: Stuck On Huck’ Message To Iowa Conservatives: Stay True To Mike Huckabee

The Des Moines Register featured a great story today about the "Stuck On Huck" message featuring tonight's nationwide Live Online Radio Show at 9 p.m. CST - . Click here to read entire article online at the Des Moines Register Website.

“We’re just saying, ‘Don’t get caught up with the new girl in town, stay true to the girl you’ve been engaged to for two years,’” said Dave Davidson, 42, a Des Moines photographer. “He’s not blowing off Iowa. He’s got 50 states to think about.”
“Stuck on Huck” online live radio show that airs tonight at 9 p.m., a new Facebook page, and a telephone campaign — created without the aid of anyone from the Huckabee camp — have one simple message: Don’t let any other candidate claim your heart, at least not yet.
Let's keep working together to mobilize the grassroots support. Become a FB Fan at The message is clear - Supporters are ready to rally behind Mike Huckabee!  

Tune in to the nationwide Live Online Radio Show at tonight at 9 p.m. CST.  

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