Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Huckabee Supporter Makes Strong Case For Presidential Candidacy

I am sharing a comment post from Randy Davis on a recent post by Ben Smith of about the strength of a Huckabee candidacy.  I feel Randy brings up alot of great points - thanks Randy!
There is no question in my mind that the GOP has within their power the ability to force Obama into being a one termer, but that is only if they get behind Governor Mike Huckabee. Not sure if he will run again , but it would be nice to have a true fiscal and social conservative (not to mention an adult) in the White House. 
Those who know him best support him the most. There is a reason for that. They know his real record, not the twist fest and nearly humorous distortions that even some "conservatives" engage in. I personally know people who lived in Arkansas during his time as Governor. 
When Huckabee arrived, Arkansas was a corrupt state, with education, unemployment and infrastructure ranking among the lowest in the USA. And despite lowering taxes more than any Arkansas governor in state history, he has always answered for one significant tax hike to rebuild the state's foundational woes. What you don't hear much of, is that he signed the bill into law after the voters passed a ballot initiative in favor of the tax funded 80%! Huckabee didn't raise taxes, the people did. 
And to say that the most visible advocate for the Fair Tax Plan in American politics is liberal with economic policy, seems more than a little odd. That is not a liberal vision regarding tax reform and economic recovery. It, like many of his ideas and accomplishments, is an example of thinking outside the box and being bold enough to enact creative solutions to big problems,without worrying what the polls will say the next day. 
He answered to no establishment. He was loyal to no lobbyist. What his record shows as an executive leader, is that he is the most deserving person to credit for the literal modernization of the state. By the end of his era, Arkansas proved to be a model for restoration. It had a booming economy, low unemployment, better schools (went from 48th to 9th place), higher incomes and a relatively low tax burden compared to many states. And, though he arrived with the biggest state debt in history, he left with a surplus of millions. 
Mike Huckabee is in a league of his own. He has the most experience of anyone in the GOP bullpen at this time and has a likeability factor that would run off of any chart. Plus, his communication skills would even be envied by Ronald Reagan. Comparing Mike to Mitt Romney or some of the other "establishment candidates" would be like comparing Thomas Jefferson to George Jefferson. 
If Obama wins a second term, it won't be because of the liberals. It will be because many so called "conservatives" were so ill-informed and boneheaded where Huckabee is concerned that they failed to unite behind the wisest, most talented leader our nation has seen in a generation. 
Rush-Beck-Coulter-Malkin and their ilk offered up Obama for us the last time around , and it would appear they are gearing up for act two in 2012. Had they been honest with themselves and their audiences in 2007-2008, they would not be whining 24/7 today about the socialistic drain America is swirling down -- because it's quite possible Mike Huckabee would be President today.

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  1. Huck can't and is not running.

    I think something is holding him back -- and it's impossible to tell. Someone knows -- maybe one of his advisors. We will find out someday.

    But I have a guess. Huck's support of Fairtax might appeal to some people -- but when you look into this great sounding plan, you find out it's a farce.

    I mean a total farce. Yes we need a new tax code from the ground up. But Huck was pushing a goofy plan, and he knew it.

    It might be that Huck can't run because he would have to defend this farce. And no one can defend it, when you know the fine print.

    Even Fairtax own "leaders" are trying to find excuses for not having hearings under oath.

    They won't ever have hearings under oath, because it's goofy.

    SO Huck had to either jettison this farce, or defend it. One or the other.

    I think he just didn't know how to jettison it after he defended it. I think he found out it was goofy-- and thought, well, now I'm gonna look bad either way.

    I could be wrong, it might be something else. Polling -- his pardon of sex offenders who later killed cops, whatever.